Monday, May 29, 2017


Service area: We have routes scheduled throughout Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Northern Arkansas.

Types of accounts : Depending on your needs we are able to service your account on a monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, or an occasional basis. Our courteous drivers are non-disruptive to your business and will pick up the containers in a quick and efficient manner. Upon pick-up we place our lock on the containers and provide you with an invoice stating the container number and date of pick-up. We will then replace it with a clean, empty container. Additionally, a Certificate of Destruction (COD) will be provided along with your mailed monthly statement.

    Clean-outs or File Purging: Useful for customers who clean out their files once or twice a year, or who are moving offices.

    On-Site shredding: We also offer on-site shredding for those customers who may require some additional security. Our mobile shredding truck has a high-volume shredder capable of completely shredding your documents before we leave your facility. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming the destruction of your materials before we depart.

    Occasionally throughout the year, we also participate in local community recycling and waste collection events. During these events we have our mobile shredder on-site and residents can bring their documents to us at no charge and we will shred them on-site. Our most recent event was the Hazardous Waste Collection Day, held October 15th at Cape Girardeau's Arena Park 4-H shelter. According to the City of Cape, 42,625 pounds of hazardous waste was collected that day and over 3,600 pounds of paper. That's over 180 cases of paper!


Types of containers: Our clean, well-maintained containers are placed in your office, normally in high paper consumption areas such as near printers or copiers. The containers have lockable lids and wheels allowing you to easily roll them from office to office, if needed. Contact one of our knowledgable representatives to determine what size container your organization may require. Typically our 96-gallon container will hold 400 pounds of paper, the 64-gallon will hold 300 pounds, and the console will hold 75 pounds. A typical case of paper is 20 pounds, which is a guide you may use to determine how many pounds of paper you go through.


Acceptable documents: All papers and documents used in an office environment are acceptable, including magazines, envelopes, newspapers, phonebooks, folders, white paper, and colored paper.

No pre-sorting required! Unlike other shredding companies, we do not require you to remove staples, paperclips, rubber bands, or other types of fasteners.

We will also pick up electronic media items such as microfiche, microfilm, VHS tapes, security tapes, X-rays, and computer discs for an additional charge; however, these items must be placed in a separate box or envelope and marked appropriately.