Monday, May 29, 2017

Why Shred?


It’s the law. Comply with Privacy Legislation. FACTA mandates shredding and imposes stiff fines on companies who fail to comply. Protect your company and your customers. They have a legal right to keep their personal information private.

Protect your information and the information of your employees. Consumer Reports estimates an average of 27,000 Americans become victims of identity theft each day. Shred personal information to prevent dumpster divers from finding valuable information in the trash. 

Save Money. Failing to comply with the numerous privacy legislation acts by discarding data improperly, can expose your company to loss of business, criminal and civil prosecution, and government fines.

If you're thinking of shredding in-house, consider the time, cost, and space needed to destroy documents in your office. This can be a full-time job which prevents your valuable employees from doing their regular jobs. If you're shredding large quantities, there's also the issue of dust and noise which results from shredding. Do you really want your employees to have access to personnel issues about other employees? Outsourcing is a more efficient alternative and by taking your employees out of the equation, it's also more secure. 

By hiring us to pick up your paper and shred it (either on-site or off-site at our facility), you are able to save time and money. We also offer inexpensive shredding options for residential customers who are interested in dropping off their documents at one of our facilities. 

Go Green. It's the environmentally friendly choice. Not only will we shred your documents so that no one else has access to them, but we recycle the material which reduces energy and water consumption and saves landfill space.