Monday, May 29, 2017


Benefits of off-site storage and retention:

1. Save money. Reduce your operating costs tied to records handling. We offer competitive pricing for both storage and retrieval, which allows you to keep your documents local.

2. Protection and peace of mind. We have a strict chain-of-custody procedure to keep your documents protected. Our climate-controlled storage area is equipped with video surveillance to safely and securely store your retention documents.

If a natural disaster strikes and your office is damaged, how will you access your documents? Off-site storage is a smart move to keep your records safe and limit your down time.

3. Save valuable office space. Keep only your current files in your office, which increases office efficiency. Your files are catalogued and indexed for easy retrieval. When you need your records, simply call with the Box number and an employee will place them in a private room for you, or we will bring it to your facility or residence. Documents are retrieved within 24 hours for local customers and within 48 hours for customers in outlying areas.